Mister Coconut

The Golden Coconut Award

The Golden Coconut Award is a private contest in which students should develop a web app from it's initial concept up to the it's prototype development in the least amount of time possible

Each app should then be launched on it's own domain after it's been developed focused on real users and the real world.
Each team will be competing between with each other for the audience's attention.

All teams of 3 elements (with it's own name, flag and leader) are evaluated in the several stages of development that were supported through contact with renowned guests from areas such as web design, marketing, UX Design and others.

At the end there is a final ceremony in which all teams will have the chance to win a trophy: a golden coconut!


These concepts are being developed at ESAD, Matosinhos School of Arts and Design in Porto, Portugal by Tiago Pedras. The original concept has been widely influenced by Professor Maja Pivec PhD and her techniques in game-based learning at Engage Learning. Particularly her Golden Pineapple Awards™.

The main objective that motivated this project was to motivate students into learning the broad subject of Web Design and to get them to develop new self-learning skills through a creative, a highly stimulating environment and these new fun incentives.

Download the 2014 schedule poster